As a busy executive, you want to focus your time on what's next for your business, not worrying about your personal finances.

Concentrated Stock Positions

Chances are that you've proven yourself to a point where your company is rewarding you with equity.  That equity builds and vests over time, leaving you with great financial benefits, but increased stock concentration risk.  Our Wealth Strategists address this challenge all the time, ensuring that your portfolio reflects the appropriate amount of risk. 

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Managing Personal Cash Flow

As you are building your executive career, often your wealth is tied up in illiquid compensation such as employer stock options or investments that you can’t or don’t want to sell because of tax consequences. But corporate executives often need access to quick and easy liquidity. Our personal lending professionals can help credit-qualified individuals determine if a margin loan or a line of credit would be the best way to access cash.  

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Meet Bob.  This is his WHY.

Bob Jellen has spent fifty successful years in the entertainment insurance industry, but that’s not what drives him. It is his family that gives him the greatest satisfaction, and inspires him every day to make the most of life.


Case Study | Concentrated Stock Position

Over the course of his career, a busy senior executive had accumulated a concentrated stock position as part of his compensation. With retirement approaching, he was beginning to worry about the risk associated with a concentration in one security and how he might generate income during his retirement.


Boston Private Solution

His Boston Private Client Advisor worked closely with him to gain a thorough understanding of his financial goals and situation, including his income needs during retirement and his tax status. Boston Private Wealth then evaluated techniques for diversifying his assets.

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Case Study | Lack of Full Portfolio Visibility

This professional lacked a clear understanding of her financial health. Due to the difficulty in managing more than 20 accounts—and the inability to view the aggregate performance—she was unable to make sound decisions regarding a range of long-term financial planning challenges, including:

  • Lifetime income planning
  • Investing in a second residence for her retirement

Boston Private Solution

Her Boston Private Client Advisor worked with her and her accountant to accurately assess all of her financial goals. Boston Private analyzed her cash flow to help her better understand how close she was to meeting her retirement goals and also to evaluate her life and long-term care insurance options.

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Residential Mortgage
We typically retain mortgages in our portfolio rather than selling them in the secondary market. When you work with a portfolio lender, you’ll find greater flexibility, less complicated requirements, knowledgeable underwriting, and streamlined servicing.

Wealth Planning
Achieving your goals starts with a plan. Partner with an advisor who will help you develop your personal wealth strategy.


Family Office Services
We act as your family's personal CFO. Our exclusive family office team is dedicated to servicing ultra-high net worth investors.

Concierge Private Banking
Our Concierge Private Banking consists of a suite of services tailored specifically to our high net worth clients and includes high-interest checking accounts, mortgage program discounts, and private lending when certain investment asset levels are maintained in Boston Private-managed wealth accounts. 



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