We bring together a full spectrum of wealth, trust, and banking services designed to give you one trusted resource to help simplify and strengthen your financial life.

The WHY of Wealth

We help wealth creators find a partner that helps them make the most of their wealth through our deep understanding of why it matters to them in the first place.

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Customization Is Our Standard

Your financial needs are uniquely yours.  That’s why we don’t “bundle” or “package” products.  We listen, understand and build solutions appropriate for you. 

Our Approach

We Make the Complex Appear Simple

Speed and agility aren’t words you typically associate with a financial services firm, but for us it's just how we operate.  That's why clients with complex needs trust us to get it done for them.

Who We Help


This is Gordon.  This is the San Francisco Art Institute's WHY.

In order to preserve the legacy and cultural relevance of a nonprofit, it’s critical to operate and sustain an effective organization – one that leverages the power of its mission and pairs it with a simple approach to financing. Often, it begins with a dedicated team that invests in why you do, as much as they invest in what you do.

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The Why of Wealth Report

Millennials feel the greatest sense of responsibility to give back when thinking about their wealth. View the Infographic.

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