Within our Company, we talk a lot about quality standards and performance expectations. Whether you are a client, an employee or a shareholder, you have a right to expect a lot from our leadership team.

Margaret Chambers Headshot
Margaret Chambers Executive Vice President General Counsel
Steven Gaven Headshot
Steve Gaven Chief Financial Officer
Timothy MacDonald Headshot
Tim MacDonald Executive Vice President Chief Risk Officer
Joy McCune Chief Human Resources Officer
Mary Beth Parker Headshot
Mary Beth Parker Senior Vice President Chief of Staff to CEO
Andrew Plumridge Headshot
Andrew Plumridge Senior Vice President General Auditor
Anne Randall Headshot
Anne Randall Executive Vice President Chief Administrative Officer
Paul M. Simons Executive Vice President Chief of Corporate Strategy and Development

Private Client Group

Corey Griffin Headshot
Corey Griffin Chief Executive Officer Private Client Group
Torrance Childs Headshot
Torrance Childs President Private Banking
Scott Dell'Orfano Headshot
Scott Dell'Orfano President Wealth Management
Charles Nilsen Headshot
Charles Nilsen National Director Private Client Lending

Corporate Client Group

David Kaye Headshot
David Kaye Chief Executive Officer Corporate Client Group
James Brown Headshot
Jim Brown President Commercial Banking
Gisela LoPiano Headshot
Gisela LoPiano Chief Lending Officer Specialty Lending
Robert Nentwig Headshot
Robert Nentwig Chief Lending Officer Commercial & Industrial
Howard Tarlow Headshot
Howard Tarlow Chief Lending Officer Commercial Real Estate
Jeremy Parker Headshot
Jeremy Parker National Director Corporate Treasury Solutions
Esther Schlorholtz Headshot
Esther Schlorholtz Senior Vice President Director of Community Investment

Emerging Businesses & Client Experience

Jacqueline Shoback Headshot
Jackie Shoback Chief Executive Officer Emerging Businesses & Client Experience
Allison Baird Headshot
Allison Baird Senior Vice President Marketing and Branding
Richard Byron Headshot
Richard Byron Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer
Stephen Gogolak Headshot
Steve Gogolak Vice President Digital Client Experience & Insights