We understand the competitive legal field and the current and progressing economic needs of the industry. We specialize in providing a tailored approach for law firms, partners and associates. Granting you financial tools and solutions to enhance your operations, financial strategies and growth.

How We Help Law Firms

Whether you are the CFO, Managing Partner, Legal Administrator or Office Manager, we partner with you to meet your desired goals as well as your partner’s and associate’s needs. Our team of industry specialists have decades of experience working to provide law firms solutions to evolve and meet their goals.

Cash Management 
We offer a full range of treasury and cash management services and will work closely with you to meet the daily capital needs of your firm.


Managing Payables

Managing Receivables

  • Lockbox
  • Remote Deposit
  • Accept ACH Payments
  • More...

Money Movement

  • Sweep Service
  • ACH and Domestic Wire Service
  • International Wires
  • Foreign Drafts


Partner Resources

  • Private Banking We have personalized banking solutions that suit your lifestyle and unique needs
  • Partner Lending Solutions Whether you’re a newly named partner or a very experienced partner we offer solutions that aid you in your career progression.
  • Residential Loans Secure your first home, vacation home or investment property. Our team of experts will work diligently with you and set you on the right path.
  • Wealth Management Planning and wealth building can help you achieve your personal financial objectives and goals. Learn more on how we can set you on the path to success.

Firm Resources

  • Escrow and Agency Services We have dedicated experts who understand the ins and outs of Escrow and Agency Accounts. Aiding firms handling transactions such as bankruptcy, real estate and litigations.
  • Retirement Plan Services  Secure the financial future of your partners, associates, and staff. Our experts will help you manage your fiduciary duty so that you can maximize your plan and investments.
  • Lending Whether it’s a term loan, standby letters of credit or revolving lines of credit, we have solutions to assist your operation and expansion.

Key Insights and Education

Law Firm Transitions: The Buyout of Senior Partners 
Law firms face equity partnership drain when partners depart or retire. How can firms prepare for this inevitable situation?

Law Firm Partnerships: What the CFO Should Know 
An increasing number of firms are turning to a trusted local financial institution to establish a term loan arrangement to help new partners fund their investment in the firm.

Taxation of Resident Trusts, Jurisdictional Planning after Kaestner An in-depth perspective on how the Carolina Department of Revenue vs. Kimberly Rice Kaestner 1992 Family Trust (“Kaestner”) sets trust planning precedence.

Our Team

We have deep experience working with numerous Law Partners, Associates; Chief Financial Officer’s and Firms. Our dedicated team understands the intricate industry needs and the path to develop long term success for law firms and legal professionals alike.



Gerald Baker Headshot
Gerald Baker Executive Managing Director Chief Fiduciary Officer
Jeanne Barrett Headshot
Jeanne Barrett Managing Director Senior Business Development Officer
Krista Conover Headshot
Krista Conover J.D. Managing Director Senior Business Development Officer
David Coughlin Headshot
David Coughlin Senior Vice President Commercial Loan Officer
Jon Kiya Headshot
Jon Kiya Senior Vice President Commercial Lending Team Leader
Donald Murano Headshot
Don Murano Senior Vice President Commercial Loan Officer
Mary Rohan Headshot
Mary Rohan Senior Vice President Commercial Loan Officer
Katherine M. Sheehan Headshot
Katherine M. Sheehan J.D. Director & Senior Trust Officer

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