Earl Foster, PHD

Managing Director Senior Portfolio Manager Private Client Group Wealth Management & Trust Florida

Earl M. Foster is the founder and former president of Earl M. Foster Associates, a Miami-based investment adviser formed in 1980, which was acquired by Banyan Partners in 2011. Boston Private Wealth acquired Banyan Partners in 2014.

Earl started his career as a professor of finance and investments at Boston University. He subsequently joined the Trust Investment Division of Southeast Banks, now part of Wells Fargo, and became director of the division. He is a former director of the Financial Analysts Society of Miami, authored Common Stock Investment, and contributed articles to such notable publications as the Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Finance, Harvard Business Review, and Quarterly Review of Economics and Business on matters pertaining to investment valuation.

Earl has over 40 years experience applying economic and financial analysis to structure investment portfolios to insulate against market risk and cope with economic cycles.

Earl received a BA in Economics from Tufts University, an MBA from Boston University in Finance, and a PhD from New York University in Economics and Finance with a dissertation analyzing the impact of monetary conditions on common stock value.