No matter the stage your business may be in, Boston Private understands the opportunity you have and the challenges you face. Our experts have developed this toolkit with resources based on decades of experience helping business owners succeed.


Growing your business requires resources, this chapter covers expertise on growth considerations you can take whether it's funding, growth plans, or building organically.

Meeting the Challenge of Managing Cash in Today’s Digital World

How to Keep Your Cash Management Processes Optimized—and Safe.

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Short-term liquidity options: What are your choices?

When you need cash, what’s the best course of action? If you’re tempted to reach for a credit card to get the cash you need, you may want to reconsider. There may be better ways to meet your personal liquidity needs.

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Hiring Tips for a Growing Business

While your business may be growing, you may have not yet reached a point where you have a dedicated human resources department. But, you need to take on additional employees. What hiring tips can you follow to help your company grow?

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Four Common Cash Flow Missteps To Avoid

As every CFO and business owner will attest, steady, predictable cash flow is the fuel for running a successful, growing business. Despite its importance, study after study has found inadequate cash forecasting and management to be among the leading causes of business failure.

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As a C-suite executive we understand the responsibility you take on, being tasked with making decisions that can make or break the organization. Our community of experts provides guidance based on our experience working with clients like you.

Transferring a Business to Your Children

How you'll handle a business transfer is a critical component of your succession and legacy planning. Without a clear and detailed strategy, you jeopardize your company's future and leave your successor vulnerable to substantial tax hits.

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Are You Contemplating or About to Sell Your Business?

You have worked long and hard, built a successful business and have started to think about enjoying the fruits of your labor. You may be asking yourself, now what?

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Find Business Advisors You Can Trust

Running a business shouldn't be a one-person operation. Having the right advisors at your side can help you make the correct decisions across your company. However, how do you find these advisors and be sure they're the right fit?

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Relationship Banking: The Business Owner Benefits

While fintech companies offer quick access to cash, many loans come with considerable processing fees and exorbitant interest rates. Don't overlook your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and their ability to connect you with a commercial banker interested in lending at competitive rates and terms.

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Managing Cash Flow for Privately Held Businesses in the Wake of the Trade War

While the effects of a trade war can be hard to predict, business owners managing their cash flow do have options. Working with trusted financial partners while watching what competitors do may provide a path for successfully navigating tariffs.

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One of the toughest issues facing growing businesses in a fiercely competitive market, so whether hiring or monitoring during growth, here are a few ways to build or sustain a strong company culture.

Company Culture Update: The Impact of Technology on Culture

In increasingly competitive industries and operating environments, more companies are being highly intentional with their company culture as a means to drive desired results. For firms that believe in engaging employees, providing more directed training, or offering a more flexible work environment, technology, in its various forms, is a critical tool.

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Don't Underestimate the Importance of Company Culture

One of the toughest issues facing growing firms in a fiercely competitive market is the importance of company culture.

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How to Align Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program With Your Values

Corporate social responsibility makes good sense from a business perspective, and not just because companies stand to gain financial returns on these initiatives.

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Millennial Recruitment: Winning the War for Talent

Millennials are becoming a larger part of the workforce. Recruiting them means engaging them on their terms, whether it's how you communicate with them, the benefits you offer or what kind of work environment you provide.

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House of Representatives Advances Retirement Plan Reforms for Small Businesses and Investors

Bipartisan legislation focused on increasing retirement plan coverage by small businesses, expanding IRAs and 529 education savings plans has been advanced in Washington.

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This chapter compiles resources to help keep you and your staff knowledgeable about the latest tax law changes and updates and how they may impact your business.

Section 199A Deduction

The Section 199A deduction, a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, is going to change the way pass-through businesses file this year. While it may provide a tax break to some businessess, knowing whether yours qualifies is a potentially complex undertaking.

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IRS Continues to Provide Pro-Taxpayer Regulations on Investing in Opportunity Zones

Congress has proposed new regulations which would provide generous tax breaks to investors in Qualified Opportunity Funds and investors that directly operate businesses in Qualified Opportunity Zones.

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Tax exempt and business provisions in tax reform

An infographic highlighting tax exempt and business provisions in tax reform.

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Tax Law Changes Impacting Business Owners

The 2018 tax filing season is upon us and the IRS is once again open for business. This is the first year taxpayers will see the effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In addition, on January 18, 2019, the IRS published final regulations and three related pieces of guidance on application of the pass-through tax break. In a nutshell, the regulations provide clarity on what type of businesses and investments qualify for the pass-through tax break.

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Like most business owners, especially those experiencing rapid growth, worrying about the impact of a cyber-attack is not at the top of your priority list. We provide insight on how we partner with businesses to mitigate these risks.

Protecting Your Business: How to Prevent Financial Fraud

The Boston Private Security and Fraud Prevention team cover the types of fraud that are on the rise nationwide and can be disruptive and costly to your business.

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Best Practices in Cybersecurity

EY, named as one of the world’s top cybersecurity consulting organizations by Cybersecurity Ventures, surveyed over 1,700 CIOs, CISOs, and other executives about their organizations’ information security practices. The result is an excellent whitepaper that offers best practices on how to sense, resist, and react to cybersecurity threats.

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The Cost of a Data Protection Plan for Your Growing Business

When was the last time you thought about the effectiveness of your company's data protection program and its ability to fend off a cyber attack?

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Business Email Compromise Defined

Business E-mail Compromise, or BEC, is a sophisticated fraud scheme in which fraudsters compromise a legitimate e-mail address through social engineering or computer intrusion, and then use this e-mail to conduct unauthorized transfers.

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Seven Ways to Prevent Malware

Malware, short for malicious software, can be a problem for anyone. While it sometimes is only a minor inconvenience with a quick fix, it can also be extremely dangerous, with malware such as “ransomware,” which can cost thousands of dollars if one pays a ransom. It is far easier to prevent malware than it is to remove it once it infects your computer. Below are some helpful tips for mitigating the risk of being infected by or falling victim to malware.

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Fake Check Scams On the Rise – How to Protect Your Business

Business check fraud is a legitimate risk to any small business, enterprise organization, or financial institution writing checks.

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There are always good reasons to invest in your business, we provide guidance on how can approach these financial decisions that undoubtedly have a lasting impact.

Valuing a Private Company

If you need to establish the value of your company, there are many approaches available to help you do so.

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The Benefits of Market Research for Small Businesses

Smart, budget-conscious market research strategies can make all the difference to a small business's success.

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Coopetition: Turning a Strategic Partner Into a Financial Opportunity

While partnering with your competitors may seem counterintuitive, "coopetition" may have its benefits. From creating new products and services to offloading excess space, working together can lead to fruitful partnerships between rivals.

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Is your practice truly digital?

Despite the fanfare around “Digital Transformation” across all industries, the real magic is how businesses are transforming by applying digital technology in a way that makes them more prepared to deliver on rising customer experience expectations.

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Overcoming Obsolescence Risk

Using legacy equipment presents a number of risks and challenges, including the potential for work stoppages or injury. Staying ahead of breakdowns by keeping detailed notes can not only help your business keep running — it may help you form a business case for funding replacements.

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How to Prevent Financial Fraud Webinar

The Boston Private Security and Fraud Prevention team cover the types of fraud that are on the rise nationwide and can be disruptive and costly to your business.
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