Investment management is a critical component to your financial success. Having the right investments in place dictates your ability to protect and grow your wealth in varying market conditions.

Determine an appropriate
asset allocation
that is aligned with your
goals, tolerance for risk
and time horizon.

Thoughtfully construct
your portfolio,
using strategies managed by
Boston Private’s portfolio managers
and/or externally managed strategies.

select, locate, rebalance,
and withdraw assets in a
tax efficient manner.

Investment philosophy

Your goals are what drives our investing. We access the universe of available investment vehicles – from externally managed funds or separately managed accounts to passively managed ETFs and index funds to investment strategies managed by our internal portfolio management professionals – we construct our investment portfolios based on your goals, time horizon, and personal perspective on investment risk.


Equity Strategies

We manage equity strategies that are suitable for various investment objectives. These strategies typically hold 40-60 individual stocks. Each of our investment strategies can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Fixed Income Strategies

We manage fixed income strategies customized to meet the unique parameters of our clients specific to tax status and state of residence, target duration, credit quality, and cash flow needs.

Tactical Strategies

We manage a suite of quantitative, ETF-based tactical strategies that provide a way to actively adjust your market exposure in times of severe market stress. These tactical strategies are meant to complement a traditional, diversified asset allocation, and are designed to allow you to maintain a high level of exposure during sustained bull markets for maximum growth potential with the flexibility to increase your defensive exposure to mitigate risk in times of elevated market stress.

Designing your custom investment plan

What are your goals? Understanding what motivates you – your goals, hopes, and dreams – allows us to create a plan that will simplify your life and make your financial outcome better.

Each client works with an experienced advisor to develop and implement a personalized investment plan. We begin with a thorough understanding of your goals, risk tolerance, growth expectations, tax situation, and income needs. Then we carefully construct an investment portfolio tailored to meet your needs.


Selection of external investment strategies

Boston Private has a defined, rigorous due diligence process for selecting investment strategies managed by external portfolio managers. This platform has been developed based on the following philosophy:

  • Portfolios should be customized to meet each client’s unique set of financial goals and objectives. Accordingly, a manager platform should include investment opportunities with varying styles and performance characteristics.
  • We have designed a diverse investment platform to offer these solutions to our clients, allowing us to match their needs and considerations with select investment managers that have exhibited specific return characteristics.
  • We employ a rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis process, not only to help us select investment managers with impressive historical track records across asset classes, but more importantly to assess a manager’s likelihood of generating superior results in the future.
  • Once recommended, managers should be held accountable to their stated investment process. Therefore, ongoing monitoring of our managers is as important as the initial selection.
  • We continuously seek to bring new opportunities to our clients across asset classes through an ongoing discovery process.

Why diversifying managers does not generate proper diversification

Most people assume that splitting up their portfolio between multiple investment managers will generate diversification.  This false sense of diversification can lead to over concentration across a complete portfolio and often make following a coherent financial plan impossible.  By providing a complete view, a wealth planning professional can spot the over concentrated positions and help guide buy and sell decisions based on tax consequences.

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Q3 2019 Economic & Market Perspective

Boston Private Wealth's quarterly investment newsletter delivers our investment team's insights on global macroeconomic and market events, including an overview of the economy, a review of the markets, and our outlook for the next quarter.

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Our Investment Team


Shannon Saccocia Headshot
Shannon Saccocia CFA®, CIMA® Executive Managing Director Chief Investment Officer
Paul Fortin Headshot
Paul Fortin Due Diligence Analyst
Keith Gentile Headshot
Keith Gentile Managing Director Head of Trading
Richard Grasfeder Headshot
Richard Grasfeder CFA® Managing Director Senior Portfolio Manager
Sebastian Leburn Headshot
Sebastian Leburn CFA® Managing Director Senior Portfolio Manager
Emmett Maguire Headshot
Emmett Maguire Managing Director Director, Manager Search & Selection
Garrett Mancini Headshot
Garrett Mancini CFA® Director Portfolio Manager
Ryan McQuilkin Headshot
Ryan McQuilkin CFA®, CFP® Managing Director Head of Fixed Income
Nancy Perez Headshot
Nancy Perez CFA® Managing Director Senior Portfolio Manager
Bradley Wilson Headshot
Brad Wilson Executive Managing Director Senior Wealth Advisor
Justin Wolstenholme Headshot
Justin Wolstenholme CFA®, CFP® Director Head of Portfolio Advisory
Andrew Zagarri Headshot
Drew Zagarri Fixed Income Trader Associate

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