We provide a wide array of private lending services that offer sophisticated financing options for your unique borrowing needs.

Portfolio Secured Line of Credit

Gain the liquidity you need without disrupting your investment strategy.  A flexible line of credit secured by the marketable securities held in your Boston Private Wealth account allows you to fund your short-term goals while pursing your-term objectives without selling stocks, bonds, or other securities that could have unfavorable tax implications.

Professional Loans

We understand and underwrite complex income sources. We offer flexible financing solutions tailored to your individual needs for capital and partnership requirements.

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Whatever your situation, our experienced Loan Officers aim to guide you through the right process based on your unique borrowing needs.

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Karen Roses Managing Director Head of Private Lending
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Barbara Searle Senior Vice President Private Lender
Neesha Sodha Private Lender
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Kristen Maroney Private Lender