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Residential Lending

Whether you are buying a house for the first time, looking to purchase a vacation residence, or investing in a rental property, we provide financing options to meet your unique borrowing needs.

Work with a Portfolio Lender

We typically retain mortgages in our portfolio rather than selling them in the secondary market. When you work with a portfolio lender, you’ll find greater flexibility, less complicated requirements, knowledgeable underwriting, and streamlined servicing.

Partner with a Lending Advisor

Our lending professionals act as an advisor, evaluating your needs and customizing your financing to fit your overall strategy. You’ll get a partner that will take the time to understand your objectives and guide you from experience.

Financial Hardship Assistance Program

For those experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boston Private is offering three months of payment deferment on residential mortgages. We encourage our clients experiencing this financial hardship to reach out to us for this assistance.

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Mortgage Services

When purchasing a home, time is often of the essence. We offer a number of programs and strategies that can help be the difference between purchasing your dream home or losing it to another bidder.

Expedited Approval

Expedited approval process to get you a pre-approved mortgage and help get you to closing faster.

Quick Close

Ability to close purchase mortgages quickly to make your bid the most competitive in multiple-offer situations.

Mortgage Recasting

For some loans you may be able to pay off the principal and reset your monthly payments according to the original interest rate and loan terms for portfolio loans.

Mortgage Programs

Jumbo Portfolio Mortgages

We specialize in jumbo and super jumbo mortgages for primary and secondary homes that offer competitive rates on both fixed and adjustable rate terms.

Conforming Loans

We offer a range of loan programs that conform to guidelines established by Government Sponsored Entities (GSE). These loans have limits on loan amounts set by county and state location.

Interest-Only Loans

Enjoy lower monthly payments while managing the timing of principal pay-downs. For borrowers whose income is heavily based on bonus or commission income, interest-only loans can be a convenient financial option.

Cross-Collateralized Loans

Meet down payment requirements by collateralizing the loan with other assets such as certificates of deposit or other marketable securities held in accounts at Boston Private Bank or Boston Private Wealth. 

Bridge Financing

Access equity in your current property or your investment portfolio in order to finance the purchase of a new, primary or second home.

Cash Out Financing

When markets move quickly and you purchase a property in cash, finance the property and regain access to cash and potential tax deductibility*.

Blanket Financing

Pool real estate assets and obtain one loan, collateralizing more than one residential properties.

New Condo Project/Non-Warrantable Loans

We offer mortgages on new and existing condo projects that are not approved for traditional financing.

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Tap the equity in your home to finance expenses and investments or to consolidate and manage debt.

Loans in Trust/LLC

Ability to hold mortgages in a trust (in CA and MA), or LLC (only in MA).

Community Homeowner Programs

We are committed to serving our entire community, including investing in low- and moderate-income people and neighborhoods.

Our lenders are skilled and knowledgeable. They work closely with potential borrowers to assist them through the complexities of purchasing or refinancing a home, providing one-on-one counseling, and helping borrowers to take advantage of resources that make owning a home more affordable through government and nonprofit agencies.

Our specialized loan programs and services are designed to assist low- and moderate-income families to attain and sustain homeownership.

These programs often offer reduced interest rates and reduced costs.

Learn more about our programs in:

Foreign Nationals

We provide financing to relocating foreign nationals (executives/professionals) with no requirement for two years of past U.S. employment or credit history.

Our Team

In the Residential Mortgage area at Boston Private, you’ll be guided by a senior lender who will review your overall financial profile to ensure the commitment you assume fits with the objectives you’ve set. 

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Felix Amsler Headshot
Felix Amsler Senior Vice President Residential Loan Officer NMLS #: 733450
Diana Carvajal-Hirsch Headshot
Diana Carvajal-Hirsch Senior Vice President CRA Loan Officer NMLS #: 704461
Carol Katzman Headshot
Carol Katzman Vice President Residential Loan Officer NMLS #: 350870
Janet Kern Headshot
Janet Kern Vice President Residential Loan Officer NMLS #: 281008
Robert Kinasewich Headshot
Rob Kinasewich Senior Vice President Residential Loan Officer NMLS #: 704307
Patrick Leahy Headshot
Patrick Leahy Senior Vice President Residential Loan Officer NMLS #: 733460
Mario Leos Headshot
Mario Leos Vice President Residential Loan Officer NMLS #: 465571
Jeannette Ruiz Mayes Headshot
Jeannette Ruiz Mayes Vice President CRA Loan Officer NMLS #: 727255
Nora McGowan Headshot
Nora McGowan Senior Vice President Residential Loan Officer NMLS #: 733459
Maria Pineda Headshot
Maria Pineda Vice President CRA Loan Officer NMLS #: 1208990
Patricia Signet Headshot
Trish Signet Vice President Residential Loan Officer NMLS #: 908051
Patrick Skovran Headshot
Patrick Skovran Senior Vice President Northern California Residential Lending Market Leader NMLS #: 453408

Mortgage service availability is dependent on the loan product offered.  Not all services available in all states.

*Consult a tax professional

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