Conflict-free advice to help build, manage and preserve wealth.

Your compensation is becoming more complex than ever. Do you have all the information you need to make informed decisions? 

Unless your wealth strategy incorporates compensation, investments and equity plans, you’re not getting a holistic view of your finances and could be missing out on ways to make your money work harder for you.

Executive Advisory Services gives you a personalized, conflict-free strategy to integrate finances, access capital, minimize stock plan risk, develop a wealth transfer plan, and more.

Managing the complexities of your equity compensation

Learn more about how a 10b5-1 Plan can help you as an executive to meet your financial goals.

Tapping into the expertise of a trusted financial advisor to organize equity compensation can help time-pressed executives get the most of their stock while also handling some of the complex rules involved. One option they may choose is a 10b5-1 Plan, which helps executives meet their financial goals while also providing an affirmative defense against insider trading violations.

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Meet Sandy Galuppo, Executive Advisory Services Wealth Advisor

Sandy Galuppo is a Managing Director at Boston Private, assisting high-net-worth individuals and families manage their wealth through personalized financial planning services. He also helps executives of public corporations, partners at professional service firms and venture/private equity partners integrate the complexities of their executive and partner compensation into their overall financial plan.

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