How to Dispute a Transaction Account Security

If you believe your account has been subject to an incorrect, unauthorized, or unrecognized electronic fund transfer, you can ask the bank to investigate. Read more

Loan Payoff Quote Instructions General

To process your request as quickly as possible, please send a written request including: Read more

Personal Online Banking Security Tips Account Security

The suggested guidelines below will help to secure your computer and Online Banking habits from potential viruses, worms, and malicious e-mail to reduce the risk of online fraud and identity theft. Read more

Report a Lost or Stolen Card General

If you believe you have lost your card or if it has been stolen, follow these steps. Read more

Home Screen Overview Digital Banking > Getting Started

Get oriented to the Home Screen and menu system. Read more

Enabling Touch ID or Face ID on iOS Digital Banking > Getting Started

How to enable TouchI D or Face ID on Apple iOS devices. Read more

Account Details & History Digital Banking > Getting Started

Learn how to review your account details by selecting an account and viewing the available information. View transaction history, search, filter and export the results. Read more

One-Time ACH and Wire Payments Digital Banking > Moving Money

An overview of how to make one-time ACH Payments. Read more

Payment Templates Digital Banking > Moving Money

A Payment Template allows you to save payment information that can be accessed in the future. Read more

Business User Management Digital Banking > Settings & Reports

Learn how to manage users in the Business Edition of Digital Banking. Read more

Managing Digital Banking Alerts Digital Banking > Getting Started

Learn the basics of setting up user-level alerts for low balance, check clearance or executed transactions. Read more

Secure Messages Digital Banking > Getting Started

Secure Messaging allows for two-way communication between you and our support team. Since the message is delivered securely within the Online Banking system, sensitive material and information can be included... attachments, too. Read more

Enroll in Business Bill Pay Digital Banking > Bill Payment

Instructions for how to enroll in Business Bill Pay. Read more

Managing Users in Business Bill Pay Digital Banking > Bill Payment

Instructions for how to add new users to your Business Bill Pay service. Read more

Personal Financial Management Digital Banking > Getting Started

Personal Financial Management, or “PFM” for short, allows you to gain visibility into your finances across multiple financial institutions right inside of Digital Banking. Link accounts from other banks, wealth managers, credit card providers and more. Read more

Using Soft Tokens with Digital Banking Digital Banking > Getting Started

Get an overview of when you'll need a token to approve Corporate Payments and how to download and link the Symantec Soft Token app. Read more

Wire Upload Digital Banking > Moving Money

Wire Upload allows you to upload a formatted CSV file to the Online Banking system instead of inputting the wire information manually. Read more

Recipient Upload from Batch Digital Banking > Moving Money

Recipient Upload from Batch Read more

How to reset your Password in Digital Banking Digital Banking > Settings & Reports

The following instructions will guide you through resetting your Digital Banking Password. Read more

Approving Payments in Corporate Edition Digital Banking > Moving Money

Learn about the payment approval process if you have Payment Approval rights within the Corporate Edition of Digital Banking. Read more