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Cash Management

Our Cash Management Services are designed to take the stress out of your daily operations with flexible services and the latest technology to ensure that you stay focused on growing your business.

Managing Payables

Managing Receivables

  • Lockbox
  • Remote Deposit
  • Accept ACH Payments
  • More...

Money Movement

  • Sweep Service
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Domestic Wire Service
  • International Wires
  • Foreign Drafts

Business Debit Cards

Accessibility, convenience and protection are essential for your business spending, so with your Boston Private Business Debit Card, you have the security and ease of round-the-clock debit card resources.

Card Manager is a mobile application service through the Card Management feature on the Digital Banking mobile application. Card Manager offers enhanced control of your Boston Private Debit Cards and prevents the processing of fraudulent charges.

More About Business Debit Cards

Automated Clearing House

Through the Automated Clearing House, you can transfer funds between banks. Companies can use it to make payments to employees and others or to collect funds from customers.


Wire Service

Transfer funds into or out of your Boston Private accounts using our Funds Transfer Services, which provide a secure, effective and reliable method for you to transmit or receive payments with a same-day settlement. Read our Business Wire Guide for more details.

Foreign Exchange Services

International Wires
In addition to completing international transactions with U.S. dollars, you can send and receive a wide variety of foreign currencies by wire. Spot contracts are generally used to make these payments or convert foreign currency to U.S. dollars at current exchange rates. Settlement generally occurs two business days after the transaction date. 

Foreign Drafts 
Clients that need to make payments by check in a foreign currency may purchase foreign drafts. A foreign draft, similar to an official bank check, is drawn on a foreign bank in foreign currency.

Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions    |    ACH & Wire Help

Managing Receivables

Remote Deposit 
Remote Deposit is a convenient remittance service for business clients that allows you to process checks in a quick, secure and efficient manner from your desktop, improving cash flow and helping to reduce costs.

For corporations that receive a moderate volume of high-dollar payments, the Lockbox offers a fast, automated remittance process that reduces float and reconcilement costs.

More About Managing Receivables

Managing Payables

Check Reconciliation
Reduce the amount of time you spend on manual account administration by automatically recording transactions and generating reports detailing account activity and current balances.

Positive Pay
You’ll gain important fraud protection through our automated check matching process. 

More About Managing Payables

What Cash Management solution is right for you?

Whether your considering switching from your existing institution or just beginning to scale your business to require additional services, you can get started with a free consultation with a Commercial Banker.  They will walk you through the options that make sense for your business and offer guidance at every step of the process.

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