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  • Clayton-2x
    "Our portfolio of exceptional wealth management and private banking firms have one focus: bringing compelling value and distinctive personal service to high net worth individuals."

    Clayton Deutsch

    CEO & President

  • Margaret-2x
    “We provide legal oversight and resources to support both corporate performance
    and high integrity governance functions.”

    Megan Chambers

    Executive Vice President
    General Counsel

  • David-2x
    “Our focus on fee-based revenue development and capital efficiency should generate superior returns for our shareholders.”

    David Kaye

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Martha-2x
    "The heart and soul of Boston Private is our people. They are what truly
    differentiates us in the marketplace."

    Martha Higgins

    Executive Vice President
    Director of Human Capital Resources

  • Tim-2x
    “Our Enterprise Risk
    Management Program aligns our risk profile to our strategic objective to promote a safe, sound and compliant Company.”

    Timothy MacDonald

    Executive Vice President
    Chief Risk Officer

  • Rich-2x
    "We provide strategic resources that promote innovation
    and efficiency in our affiliate businesses."

    Rich Byron

    Senior Vice President
    Director of Corporate Strategic Initiatives

Our Firms


Anchor Capital
Advisors, LLC


Boston Private Bank
& Trust Company


Bingham, Osborn
& Scarborough, LLC


Dalton, Greiner, Hartman,
Maher & Co., LLC


KLS Professional
Advisors Group, LLC