Caring for a nonprofit can be a challenging endeavor.  Balancing the needs and interests of board members, donors and beneficiaries while managing monthly cashflow and maintaining responsible investments can often distract from your real purpose: to make a difference.


Our Team

The Nonprofit Group has worked with hundreds of Executive Directors, Headmasters and Controllers of nonprofits at the local and national level ranging in interests from charitable foundations to secondary schools and endowments. 

How We Help Nonprofits

Discover more about the nonprofit clients we help by reading case studies and watching client story videos.

How We Help




The team understands what nonprofits need to be successful and how to ensure that you, as the leader of your organization, can be successful too.

Thatcher Freeborn
Thatcher Freeborn Senior Vice President Commercial Loan Officer
Mariel Keane Hough
Mariel Keane Hough Senior Vice President Commercial Loan Officer
Jon Kiya
Jon Kiya Senior Vice President Commercial Lending Team Leader
Abdul Maiwand
Abdul Maiwand Senior Vice President Commercial Loan Officer
Christopher Roy
Christopher Roy Managing Director Senior Business Development Officer
David Semenza
Dave Semenza Vice President Commercial Loan Officer